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The Best Xbox Headsets for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Immerse yourself alongside your teammates with these top-rated headsets built for Xbox.

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From its inception, Xbox has distinguished itself from its competitors by offering robust, seamless online gaming. During the mid-2000s, online console gaming was synonymous with Xbox Live and Microsoft’s included Xbox 360 gaming headset. But looking back, the Xbox 360 headset, and most other gaming headsets, were tiny devices with poor sound quality.

Luckily, times have changed since then, with new headsets providing impressive, immersive sound and microphone quality. We’re here to share some of the best of the best, and help highlight great headsets to pair with Xbox Series X and S.

Best Xbox Headsets

Best Overall
Xbox Wireless Headset for Series X|S Microsoft Read More
Best Budget
Cloud Stinger HyperX Read More
Best Sound
Arctis 9X Wireless SteelSeries Read More
Best Wireless
Kaira Pro Wireless Razer Read More
Best Wired
Cloud Alpha HyperX Read More

      What to Consider

      When it comes to picking out a great headset for Xbox, keep a few things in mind.


      Xbox does not support Bluetooth headphone connectivity, so don’t expect just any pair of headphones to work with the system. Most available gaming headsets for Xbox fall under three categories: wired, 2.4Ghz, and Xbox Wireless Connect.

      Wired headsets are simple and usually more affordable, plugging directly into the 3.5mm jack on most Xbox controllers. Wireless headsets are pricier, but more flexible, and come with 2.4Ghz or Xbox Wireless Connect (sometimes both). Headsets that use 2.4Ghz wireless must connect via a (usually) included USB dongle plugged into your Xbox. Wireless headsets with "Xbox Wireless Connectivity" can connect directly to an Xbox system without any extra equipment.

      Other considerations are typical for any pair of headphones: namely comfort, sound quality, mic quality, latency, and battery life. When purchasing any pair of headphones, decide which of these elements are most important to you, and go from there.

      How We Selected

      Many of these recommendations come from significant personal use. For the products we couldn’t test ourselves, we performed intensive research, reviewing content from expert sources like Soundguys, Wirecutter, The Verge, CNET, Tom’s Guide, DigitalTrends, and others, as well as thousands of consumer reviews from online storefronts like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. As for the products themselves, we evaluated them on sound quality, mic quality, design, and price.

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      Best Overall
      Xbox Wireless Headset for Series X|S

      • Intuitive audio controls
      • Instant pairing via Xbox Wireless Connect
      • Adjustable equalizer through Xbox accessories app

      • Limited mic adjustability
      • Bass-heavy out of the box

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: Wireless (Xbox only), Bluetooth, 3.5-millimeter cable
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows
      • Weight: 312 grams

      Unlike their controllers, Microsoft’s first-party headsets have gotten a bad reputation over the years. Their latest offering, the Xbox Wireless Headset for Series X|S, aims—and succeeds—at changing that reputation.

      These over-ear wireless headphones offer a great balance of connectivity, comfort, and control for a low price. They pair instantly to any Xbox Series system through one-touch pairing, and have clear audio with 3D capabilities, thanks to Dolby Atmos technology. Instead of using a ton of in-line buttons, sound and voice audio are controlled just by rotating the dials built in to each ear, similar to the Microsoft Surface 2 headphones.

      The easy controls, native Xbox pairing, USB-C charging, and solid audio quality make this latest headset from Microsoft a seriously good buy.

      Best Budget
      Cloud Stinger

      • Very comfortable
      • Adjustable headband, ear cups, and microphone

      • Sound quality suffers at high volumes

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: 3.5-millimeter cable
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
      • Weight: 275 grams

      If you're looking to get a quality gaming headset without shelling out hundreds of dollars, consider the HyperX Cloud Stinger.

      In this price range, the Stingers stand out for both their comfort and reliability. The memory foam ear cups and headband are incredibly comfortable, even for folks who wear glasses. The Stingers plug in via 3.5-millimeter jack, meaning no troubles with connectivity, audio lag, or dropped wireless. The mic is adjustable, and features an easy swivel-up-to-mute function for when you're not speaking.

      While the audio and mic quality aren’t mind-blowing, they are perfectly serviceable for clear listening and communication, especially at this price point. Overall, the comfort, simplicity, and price make the Cloud Stingers a great buy.

      Best Sound
      Arctis 9X Wireless
      Now 15% off

      • Excellent sound quality
      • Clear noise-cancelling microphone
      • Long battery life

      • Quality-control issues with connectivity
      • Charge via Micro-USB, not USB-C

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: Wireless (Xbox only), Bluetooth
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Mobile
      • Weight: 544 grams

      If high-quality game sound is your top priority, consider the SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless headset.

      Unlike most gaming headsets, the Arctis 9X features a more balanced soundstage, with light footsteps and boomy explosions coming in equally clear. The balanced equalization alongside Windows Sonic surround sound creates an immersive, exciting sound experience. The noise-canceling microphone is stellar too, transmitting bright and clear communication to teammates or friends with ease.

      Pair their premium audio capabilities with Xbox Wireless Connect and Bluetooth connectivity, long battery life, a comfortable fit, and on-ear audio controls, and the Arctis 9X become an excellent pick for anyone seeking premium audio and a complete package.

      Best Wireless
      Kaira Pro Wireless
      Now 33% off

      • Solid wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
      • Accurate, and removable, microphone
      • Comfortable memory-foam ear cups

      • Bass-heavy

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: Wireless (Xbox only), Bluetooth
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Mobile
      • Weight: 330 grams

      If you want a wireless headset with fast response and multiple connectivity options, consider the Razer Kaira Pro Wireless.

      Like the Xbox Wireless Headset, the Kaira Pros use Xbox’s Wireless Connect for instant Xbox pairing. Once connected, they deliver clear, fast audio that’s especially immersive due to the included Windows Sonic surround sound.

      The mic, which is conveniently removable, delivers high-quality sound, especially for this price point, and the included memory-foam ear cups and headband are very comfortable even after hours of playtime.

      Best Wired
      Cloud Alpha

      • Simple, easy, low-latency wired audio
      • Very affordable

      • In-line audio controls could be better

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: 3.5-millimeter cable
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
      • Weight: 336 grams

      With tons of great wireless options available, it may seem silly to buy a wired headset instead. However, the HyperX Cloud Alphas, with their quality, simplicity, and affordability, make a compelling case.

      To start, their wired nature means they are plug-and-play—no syncing, connecting, or software required. Both the 3.5-millimeter audio cable and noise-canceling microphone are detachable, making storage much easier. In terms of sound, the large, stereo, dual chamber 50-millimeter drivers impress with big, immersive sound.

      But it’s the standout build quality that really sells this headset. The sleek and durable aluminum frame is incredibly tough, and the memory foam plus leatherette pads are comfortable for long sessions, even for users with glasses. And at well under $100, the HyperX Cloud Alphas punch far above their price point.

      Best Compatibility
      Arctis 1 Wireless

      • Wide compatibility
      • Wireless and wired connectivity

      • Dongle learning curve

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: Wireless (USB-C dongle), 3.5-millimeter cable
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android
      • Weight: 249 grams

      Despite advances in wireless and Bluetooth technology, finding one gadget that can connect to all of your devices is rare. For anyone who wants their gaming headset to work not just for Xbox, but for PC, mobile, and other devices, consider SteelSeries’ Arctis 1.

      Similar to the Arctis 9X, the Arctis 1 features a balanced sound and great battery life. But unlike the 9X, the Arctis 1 can connect wirelessly to tons of different gaming devices through the included USB-C dongle.

      This headset also includes a wired audio cable, meaning if it can’t connect to your device wirelessly, you can always try plugging in.

      Best for Competition
      Elite Pro 2
      Turtle Beach

      • Fast spacial audio is great for competition
      • Comfortable for long gaming sessions

      • Plastic hinges on headband aren't super sturdy
      • Solely wired connectivity

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: 3.5-millimeter cable
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
      • Weight: 391 grams

      If elevating your gameplay is your top priority, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2s will help you get there. Made with competitive gaming in mind, the wired Elite Pro 2s deliver fast audio with spacial awareness as the focal point, making it easier to accurately locate sounds in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Battlefield.

      Communicating with your team is accurate as well, with Turtle Beach’s Truspeak noise-canceling tech. Everything else, from build quality to comfort, is solid, and in line with the competition.

      Best Haptics
      Nari Ultimate
      Now 22% off

      • High-quality sound
      • Immersive haptic feedback

      • Microphone could be better

      Key Specs

      • Connectivity: Wireless (Xbox only), 3.5mm cable
      • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (via USB)
      • Weight: 462 grams

      For bass lovers who want the boom of a jet plane or blast of an explosion to feel truly immersive, headsets with some level of haptic feedback are a must. Razer’s Nari Ultimate is are our go-to haptic headset, supplying strong, accurate haptics without skimping on audio or build quality.

      Even separate from the amazing haptics, the 50-millimeter drivers with Windows Sonic surround sound offer a wide, immersive audio experience. The Nari Ultimate also features an open-back design with a wider soundstage than most closed-back options.

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